The indigenous desi cow has a very characteristic appearance.

It has a visible hump on her back and big flap as well as long horns.

Source of A2 products

The hump has a specific vein called Surya Ketu Nadi, on interaction with solar rays, it produces gold​ ​salts in her blood.

These salts are present in the cow’s milk and cow’s other bodily fluids.

A2 Desi cow’s milk, buttermilk and ghee have a unique golden hue due to these salts.

The A1 & A2 Difference

At GauCon, every cow is DNA tested and pure A2 breeds are selected. During digestion, proteins in milk are broken down into peptides. Most of the peptides are converted into amino acids to be absorbed by the blood stream. But all peptides do not get broken down into amino acids.
Whereas, A1 milk releases a peptide called BCM 7. It is not broken down into amino acids, making it impossible to digest and has been associated with a very large number of diseases.

A1 Hybrid Cow

A2 Desi Cow

Milk Quality

Holstein Friesian and Jersey non-native Indian breeds produce A1 milk.

Indian Desi Cows produce A2 Milk


A1 milk doesn’t have colostrum. It is one of the most nutritious aspects of milk with lots of antibodies and thus, A1 milk is considered less nutritious and can’t fight enough diseases and infections.

Desi Cow milk only has A2 protein, which is known as the elixir for life. A2 Milk contains A2 Beta Casein, which is closer to mother’s milk. In fact, A2 milk also contains colostrum like human mother’s milk.

Brain and Body

A1 milk can be harmful to the body and doesn’t have enough nutrients for maintaining our good health and well-being. At the same time, A1 milk is not as healthy and effective for brain development.

A1 milk doesn’t help in reducing or preventing cancer cells.

A2 Milk contains high levels of Omega 3 that helps in cleaning cholesterol deposits in blood vessels. The cerebrosides present boosts brain power and strontium increases immunity and protects the body from harmful radiations.

The A2 protein in cow’s milk has anti-cancer properties.

Harmful vs Healthy Gut

Many people are allergic to the protein available in A1 milk. Studies have already claimed that the A1 protein can raise risk of heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, and autism.

A2 milk is easy to digest and cures irritable bowel. It can be consumed by people from all age groups. Studies claimed people drinking A2 milk have less digestive discomfort & inflammation.

Milking Machines vs Family Care

Cows that give A1 milk are often treated as milking machines. The calves don’t get to be close to their mothers.

Desi Cows are treated as family where the cows and calves live and grow together.

The calves are given first priority for the milk and kept close to their mothers. This ensures that A2 milk is full of motherly love.

Why A2 Desi Cow’s Milk & Products?

  • A2 Desi cow’s Milk, Ghee, Curd, Urine and Dung together are known as Panchgavya in Ayurveda.
  • Desi cow’s milk and products have been found to cure many ailments of human beings and animals, that is called Cowpathy.
  • Cow urine is helpful in destroying toxins in the human body.
  • Also, cow urine helps keep mind happy and calm which makes the body healthy.

Purity of GauCon’s
Desi Cow Milk & Products

  • We can guarantee the purity of our desi cow milk and products.
  • We follow stringent processes and high standards of hygiene at our farm
  • The guarantee is not just verbal, but practical.
  • In case you need to check the “Quality”, all you need to do is call us on our customer care number.
  • Our chemists will reach you and conduct the required quality tests in front of your eyes.
  • If you are still not satisfied, you can send the milk sample to any food testing laboratory of your choice.

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