Pure Indigenous (Desi) Cow Dung Cake.

Organic Cakes Moulded by Bare Hands.

  • Eco-friendly cow dung cakes with air purifying herbs.
  • Useful for Hawan Pujan, Holy Pujan, etc.

Product Information

GauCon's cow dung cakes are made from pure breed indigenous (desi) cows’s dung. They are mixed with herbs and gomutra. The mixure is then moulded with hands and sun dried to retain natural properties. Our desi cows are specially treated and fed with organic fodder and grazed freely.

Our cow dung cakes do not impart any dominant odour. When burnt with GauCon's Desi Cow Ghee it purifies the air and atmosphere in your home, office, shops, etc.

Ideal for

  • Religious activities
  • Pooja, yagna, hawan, etc.
  • Manure for home garden

Key Benefits & Features

  • Purifying air and atmosphere upon burning
  • Rejuvenates spirituality and awakens spiritual emotion
  • Helps concentrate during spiritual practice
  • Keeps mosquitoes and insects away
  • Pushes microbes and harmful pathogenic bacteria away
  • Can be crushed and used as manure for home garden