Gouteertha Arka

Distilled Cow Urine

Prepared from Indigenous (Desi) Cow Urine

No Strong/Dominant Odour.

Available in:

1 Litre & 500ml

  • Good Immune Modulator
  • Balances Vata & Kapha

Product Information

GauCon's Gauteertha Arka is made from indigenous (desi) cow’s urine. The desi cow’s urine, which is known for several numerous medical benefits is distilled at our farm though standard processes.

Highly recommended by our sacred texts and scriptures, it is considered holy and safe to use. Ayurveda consider cow urine to be the elixir of life. Cow urine is an important part of many Indian rituals/daily puja. It is considered to have the ability to attract divine consciousness and facilitate spiritual healing.

Ideal for

  • Religious activities
  • Spiritual practices
  • People of All ages

Key Benefits & Features

  • Can cure respiratory disorders.
  • Best and efficient anti-bacterial agent.
  • Regenerates the damaged cells and tissues.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels and reduces body fat.
  • Function as antioxidant and delays ageing process.
  • Boosts the immune system and enhances the body vigour.
  • Effective in gout, arthritis, oedema and swelling of body parts.
  • Serve as Detoxifier especially the toxicity caused by modern drugs.