Dhoop Kandi

Made from Desi Cow Dung

100% Eco-Friendly, Free from Chemical and Charcoal

Repels Foulness

Creates an Aesthetic & Spiritual Environment

Product Information

GauCon's Dhoop Kandi is made from pure cow dung (obtained from desi cow), selected herbs and natural scent of Chandan (Sandalwood). Its natural rich aroma imparts positive energy, repels negative energies, spiritually purifies the environment and creates an ideal atmosphere for your prayers. It also acts as a natural mosquito insect repellent.

The holy fume of the pure ingredients provides Divine Consciousness and purifies the atmosphere as well prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering the premises. The purified Dhoop Kandi made from Desi Cow dung is ideal for use in homes, shops, vehicles, hospitals, schools, offices, etc.

Ideal for

  • Religious activities
  • Spiritual practices
  • Prayers and meditation
  • Purifying bad air
  • Spiritual practices
  • Daily uses, etc.

Key Benefits & Features of GauCon's Dhoop Kandi

  • Releases oxygen
  • Helps de-stress
  • Restores comfort and calmness
  • Checks radiation effects
  • Purifies the air and emits freshness
  • Rejuvenates spirituality and awakens spiritual emotion
  • Helps concentrate during spiritual practice
  • Helps restore optimism and positive energy
  • Reinstates fresh atmosphere and good health
  • Keeps mosquitoes and insects away
  • Pushes microbes and harmful pathogenic bacteria away