Ayurvedic Dantmanjan

Ayurvedic Toothpowder Made with Ash of Desi Cow Dung.

Strengthens Teeth & Gums. Also Prevents Tooth Decay.

  • Fortified with the natural benefits & goodness of desi cow
  • Very useful in gum bleeding, hot-cold sensation & yellow teeth

Product Information

GauCon’s Ayurvedic Dantmanjan (tooth powder) is made from vedic traditional ayurvedic method with ingredients like ash of desi cow dung, urine extracts, etc. It strengthens your teeth and gums as well as prevents teeth infections and other oral diseases like tooth worms and decaying.

It is suggested in Hindu Vedic scriptures that we should regularly massage our teeth with dantmanjan using our middle finger as it is believed to be related to Akash tatva.

Ideal for People of All Ages

Key Benefits & Features of GauCon's Ayurvedic Dantmanjan Toothpowder

  • Fight tooth germs
  • Soothe tooth ache
  • Prevent bad odour
  • Impart fresh breath
  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Controls gum and toothache
  • Checks tooth decay & bleeding
  • Keep teeth white & gums strong
  • Reduce teeth & gums sensitivity