Traditionally Made Using Wooden Churner

Prepared from Curd Made of A2 Desi Cow Milk

Available in

250ml, 500ml

Product Information

GauCon¡¯s pure and traditional desi A2 cow buttermilk is made from freshly set A2 desi cow curd. Butter and buttermilk are separated from the curd through the traditional wooden churning method. Our A2desi cow buttermilk is fresh, tasty, healthyand good for stomach health.

Nutrition Facts

One Cup of Buttermilk Contains:

Calories 99
Fat 3%
Sodium 10%
Potassium 10%
Calcium 28%
Vitamin B12 8%

Key Benefits & Features of GauCon's A2 Buttermilk

  • Natural:Our buttermilk is made from pure desi cow curd without adding any preservatives.
  • Traditional: We make buttermilk in homemade style using traditional wooden churner
  • Superior Taste: We have retained the taste, nutrition & benefits of desi cow buttermilk.
  • Fresh: To keep its freshness intact, we don't use any kind of preservatives.
  • Healthy:Helps improves stomach health and digestion. Also, according to ayurveda, buttermilk reduces Kapha and Vata.