What is GauCon?

Literally, it is, Gau (Cow) and Con (Conservation)!
By nurturing and conserving the holy mother cow (Gau Mata), we intend to produce & promote the supply of farm-fresh pure milk and products from Indian indigenous (desi) cows. Mother cow is known for its inherent qualities, high nourishment and medicinal values.

Until a few decades ago, life was very simple. We used to get fresh and natural milk from the cow in our backyard or a local framer. We never had to worry about its purity or quality.

However, in the last few decades with the rise of industrialisation and mass production, we have lost the goodness of values of the Indian indigenous (desi) cows. This has not just led to the negligence of desi cow, but also caused various lifestyle-related problems and illnesses in human beings.

Therefore, we believe that there is a great need to reawaken and spread the benefits of Indian indigenous (desi) cows among people.

Why GauCon?

People feel that after the milking period of the desi cows is over, maintaining them is burdensome and loss-making. This is because they don't know about her full glories and benefits.

In the Hindu culture, cows are not treated like animals. In fact, the Indian indigenous (desi) cow is stated as Kamadhenu or Gau Mata. Also, in our sacred texts and scriptures, numerous benefits have been mentioned about the different parts and elements that we get from the mother cow.

गव्यं पवित्रम् च रसायनम् च पथ्यम् च ह्रदयं बलं बुद्धि स्यत
आयुः प्रदम् रक्त विकार हरि त्रिदोश हृद्रोग विशपाहं स्यत

“The five elements that come from Desi Cow (Urine, Dung, Milk, Curd and Ghee) are sacred and medically beneficial for the heart; they give strength and enhance intellect. They give long life, purify the blood and balance the Vatha, Pitha and Kapha doshas. They cure all diseases and detoxify the body.”

Our Vision

To create a healthy and wealthy India with a self-sustaining economy on the basis of desi cows.

Our Mission

To extend the benefits of Desi cow to every individual in the society, for their lifestyle and healthy improvement. This will be achieved by providing the knowledge to farmers through “Desi Cow-based Business Model”.

Our Objective

R&D Centre for development of
pure and healthy breeds.

Increasing milk production by enhancing availability of pure and healthy Desi Bull and semen. Facilitating usage of each breed according to ayurveda.

Training centre for conservation and growth of Desi Cows.

Offering knowledge about Desi Cow breeds to farmers with know-how of manufacturing milk, dung and urine-based products. Educating about conservation & daily care of cows along with their feed and hygiene

Develop a bridge between Rural and Urban India.

Spreading awareness about organic farming through practical knowledge and training. Establishing cow yard - therapy centre. As well as facilitating and encouraging Agro-tourism.

Create awareness about Desi Cow and its products.

Promoting usage of pure milk and products by nurturing and conserving Desi Cows. Educating people about its medicinal & health benefits, as well as encouraging daily use and consumption.

Gaudan & Gauseva
(Cow Donation Initiative).

Encouraging people to adopt a Desi Cow, donating money for its shelter and upkeep. To know more about this initiative, please get in touch with us.

The GauCon Goodness Movement

We understand the importance of the health and well-being of our fellow citizens. Thus, we undertook the route of desi cow dairy farming.

We have gone back to the basics, adopting the traditional ways of dairy production. By doing how it was in the old days, we have been successful in retaining the goodness, nutrition and benefits of desi cow milk and products enjoyed by our previous generations.

We avoid unnecessary modern dairy processing to retain vitamins and minerals naturally present in the milk. However, we do not shy away from levering the latest technology and facilities for producing unadulterated, preservatives free, flavoursome and nutritious milk and milk products.

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The GauCon Team

We are a team of passionate individuals who are committed to help, protect cows and extend the benefits of organic dairy farming and dairy products to one and all. The Gaucon team is supported by the Shashwat Gram Vikas Kendra.

The GauCon team is committed to supply fresh and organic dairy products produced at our local farm. All our products such as whole milk, ghee, etc. are produced from desi cow. The desi cow breeds at our farm include Khillari, Gir, and Sahiwal.

We are constantly expanding our production and service capabilities in order to serve more and more individuals in the community.

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Dhanyakumar Bhosale

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